ThermiVa Vaginal Rejuvenation Questions and Answers

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What is a ThermiVa Treatment?
ThermiVa Frequently Asked Questions:
How does ThermiVa work?
Are ThermiVa treatments painful?
How long are ThermiVa treatments?
How many ThermiVa treatments are necessary?
Are there any restrictions after having a ThermiVa treatment?
How much do ThermiVa treatments cost?
Who is the ideal ThermiVa candidate?

What is a ThermiVa Treatment?

ThermiVa is a non-surgical treatment that offers “feminine rejuvenation” by tightening lax vaginal skin, using the same proven radio-frequency technology that has been effective in anti-aging procedures. This treatment offers controlled thermal energy to the labia and vagina to safely and effectively tighten and rejuvenate the vaginal skin. Lax vaginal skin, whether it was caused by hormonal changes, aging or childbirth, can cause many women to become self-conscious about the appearance of it and experience a decrease in sensations, resulting in lower sexual satisfaction.

Our painless treatment works to improve the labial, vulvar and vaginal laxity with the use of the ThermiVa wand. The wand is smaller than the size of a finger, and offers no discomfort during the in-clinic procedure. The arteries expand, allowing more lubrication and decreasing dryness and atrophy. Your natural collagen becomes stimulated and increases the soft tissues, leading to more overall tissue support, remodeling and elasticity in the vagina.

ThermiVa vaginal rejuvenation is the fastest growing non-invasive treatment for vaginal tightening and vulvar (labia majora and labia minora) skin tightening and rejuvenation. By utilizing radiofrequency energy through a soft, slender probe, the vulvar and vaginal skin is gently heated to restore youthfulness and well being.

ThermiVa is able to accomplish the following in three, 30-minute sessions spaced 1 month apart:

• Vaginal tightening
• Increased vaginal lubrication
• Increased labia majora and minora skin tightening
• Increased sensation to peri-clitoral area
• Better and more frequent orgasms
• Improved sexual pleasure
• Improvement in stress urinary incontinence
• Improvement of overactive bladder (OAB) symptoms

Childbirth and the natural aging process cause changes, which may affect feminine wellness. Multiple strenuous vaginal deliveries as well as weight loss can cause stretching of the vagina and wrinkling of the vulvar tissues. The hormonal deficiencies of menopause can also cause physical and functional changes such as excessive dryness, which can lead to painful sexual intercourse. ThermiVa is the only non-invasive solution to treat BOTH vaginal and vulvar laxity and dryness by utilizing radiofrequency (RF) heating to rejuvenate collagen, increase moisture, improve blood supply and increase sensation to these tissues important for sexual function and bladder control.

ThermiVa Frequently Asked Questions:


How does ThermiVa work?

Thermal heating utilizing radiofrequency energy is delivered through a soft, slender probe which is massaged on the labia majora, labia minora, periclitoral skin and in the vagina which causes collagen rejuvenation, skin tightening, and increased sensation and lubrication.

ThermiVa is designed to rejuvenate the vaginal tissue without being invasive. The wand system uses radio frequency energy for a painless treatment that requires no anesthesia or downtime following the treatment.

Radio frequency energy offers a gentle frequency that remodels the vaginal and labial tissues while stimulating fibroblasts in the skin and the mucosa. This promotes the body’s natural production of collagen.

The ThermiVa treatment takes no more than 30 minutes to complete, offers no discomfort during or after the treatment and no recovery time is needed. It is highly recommended that patients get a series of three treatments spaced one month apart and then continue to maintain the treatment once each year.

Are ThermiVa treatments painful?

No, actually ThermiVa treatments are completely painless and require no pre-medications or anesthesia.

How long are ThermiVa treatments?

Each treatment takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes.

How many ThermiVa treatments are necessary?

Although most will experience benefits after 1 treatment, it is recommended that 3 treatments be performed 1 month apart. Maintenance treatments every 6 months are recommended.

Are there any restrictions after having a ThermiVa treatment?

Patients can resume sexual activity and physical activity immediately after having a ThermiVa treatment. There is no downtime.

How much do ThermiVa treatments cost?

ThermiVa treatments are sold in a package of 3 sessions scheduled 1 month apart for a total of $2250 [$750 per session]. Maintenance treatments are $650/session.

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Who is the ideal ThermiVa candidate?

A few signs that you’re a great candidate for ThermiVa include:

• If you suffer from vaginal itching and infections
When your labial skin is loose, the lips of your vagina can then trap bacteria and moisture. This makes a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria to grow and spread infections.
• If you suffer from vaginal dryness
Aging includes vaginal dryness and is one of the strongest signs that you are a candidate for ThermiVa! If you are dealing with painful sex, and having to constantly use synthetic lubricants, ThermiVa is for you!
• If you suffer from bladder prolapse or rectal prolapse
When the internal walls of your vagina start to become lax and lose structure, it can lead to bladder prolapse and/or rectal prolapse.
• If you suffer from sexual dysfunction
This treatment offers to tighten your vaginal walls, making sex more pleasurable for you and your partner. It also increases the sensitivity of your clitoral hood, making your orgasms more frequent, powerful and longer-lasting.
• If you suffer from incontinence
Female incontinence has several potential causes. ThermiVa offers a particularly effective treatment for female urinary incontinence caused by vaginal childbirth and aging.
• If you are on Depo-Provera
Are you dissatisfied with the appearance or function of your vagina, and are you dealing with irregular menstrual cycles or not menstruating at all? If so, you are an ideal candidate for ThermiVa.
• If you do not like the color of your vaginal lips
ThermiVa treatment improves blood flow to the treated area, which is the labial and vulvar skin, causing more nutrients to reach there and making your vagina look younger and healthier.
• If you are continuously afraid to wear yoga pants in public
With age, your skin begins to wrinkle. For many women, their skin’s production rate starts to slowly decline around the age of 30, making their skin more prone to wrinkles. In many cases, the vagina can also become wrinkled and make women feel self-conscious wearing a bikini, tight jeans or even yoga pants.
• If you are not healthy enough for any of the invasive procedures offered
If you have been thinking of having an invasive procedure to help with the function and appearance of your vaginal region, but you are not healthy enough to undergo general anesthesia, you are a great candidate for ThermiVa!
• If you understand the realistic expectations of this treatment
You will be a great candidate for this treatment if you understand and have realistic expectations about the ThermiVa treatment and the results it offers.

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