Sexologists Vs Sex Doctors for Females

Sexologists Vs Sex Doctors for Females – What is the difference?

Sexologists can help you overcome certain stigmas but also completely overturn your sex life. If you are interested in getting help with anything sex-wise, contact our clinic now as we are located in Fall River, MA.

Sexologists Vs Sex Doctors for Females Near Me in Fall River, MA
Sexologists Vs Sex Doctors for Females Near Me in Fall River, MA

Table of Contents:

What does a sexologist doctor do?
When should I see a sexologist?
What problems do sexologists treat?
What Is a Clinical Sexologist?

What does a sexologist doctor do?

Sexologists study human sexuality, much of it including sexual behaviors, functions, and interests. A professionally trained sexologist specializes in human sexuality. There are a variety of ways a sexologist may work, as well as many different areas they may work in, including clinical settings, research settings, or educational settings.
Many think sexologists and sex therapists are the same things, they aren’t as many may go on to work with individuals in a clinical setting like stated above, many go into research, education, or become a public policy activist.
If you are a sexologist that has decided to go the route of sex therapy and work with clients, you often will work with either people individually or as a couple, and help to improve or even address any issues they may have in their sex lives, everything from mismatched libidos, to sexless relationships, and finally, difficulty reaching orgasms. This is an all-talk, no-action type of therapy.

When should I see a sexologist?

If you have ever wondered if a sexologist may be the route to go to help you with your sex life, and you have ever thought about if you should see a sexologist, then you may be on the right track to getting the help you want. A few signs that a sexologist would be a fantastic addition to your life include:
You begin experiencing pain or having difficulty physically when trying to have sex
First things first, visit a physician to rule out any physical conditions that may be causing the pain or difficulty. Once your doctor has ruled out no physical issues, then you can move on to seeing a sex therapist for the psychological components which can be the reason behind the pain and difficulty.

You are dealing with or processing sexual trauma
Enjoying a great sex life after sexual trauma is possible, and a sexologist or sex therapist can help you get there.

You may be in a partnership with mismatched desires
This can mean various things including one partner having a higher libido than the other, or one is into exploring kinks like BDSM. Sexologists can help open doors and help you communicate your desire better while helping you work on your relationship.
You are thinking of exploring new routes of your relationship, like open relationships
Sexologists can help a couple who have come to the point of exploring an open relationship and helping situate a crafted relationship that allows both parties to feel fulfilled, and also kept safe.
You are questioning your gender identity
A sexologist can partner with you to help you explore this route with a partner that can show you the right words, and expressions you may be feeling to understand gender identity better.
You are starting to explore your sexual orientation
A sexologist can help you explore and navigate all the questions you may have in regards to your sexual orientation, while consistently reassuring you there is nothing wrong with you or the way you are feeling. This journey is all about self-discovery and finding out your sexual orientation in a safe and fun manner.
You are seeing someone who is a sex worker, or you are a current sex worker yourself
Sexologists are great at helping individuals eradicate and uncover any internalized stigmas that may be at play around sex worker professions.
You are dealing with sexual shame, and want to overcome it
Sexologists can help you overcome and deal with things that may bring you shame and a lot of emotion that is unwarranted and unwanted.

What problems do sexologists treat?

Sexologists have extensive training and education to help their clients with any issues and treat them with concerns to:
– Arousal
– Orgasm difficulties
– Desire discrepancies
– Atypical sexual interests
– Gender identity
– Transitioning
– Sexual orientation concerns

What Is a Clinical Sexologist?

Clinical sexologists specialize in the mental health industry and offer sexual education including assessments and treatments of sexual difficulties in their clients from adults, to individuals, and couples in or outside of a hospital setting.

Clinical sexologists use a large variety of psychotherapeutic techniques to help their clients with their concerns.

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